Pumps Automation

Fibre pumps PSSP

The Pomac defoaming pumps are a complete range of pumps for starch production processes. The range consists of defoaming pumps, pulp and centrifugal pumps. These hygienic designed stainless steel defoaming pumps are know for their optimal hydraulic performance and defoaming power. Another notable feature is the unique modular construction.

The fibrous slurries, which are seperated in the centri-sieve, can be pumped using the PSSP pump. The closed-coupled screw on the impeller ensures a continuous flow of fibrous slurry into the impeller. Entrapped air in the slurry is constantly evacuated through the inner channel of the screw. 

Depending on the application range, the PSSP-line can be executed with several options:

  • Single or double oil seals with fat lubrication
  • Single or double mechanical seal with quench
  • Drain connections