Pumps Automation

Centrifugal pumps CPC

The CPC-line is designed for applications in the pharmaceutical and food industry, with a strong focus on optimal cleanability, efficiency, low maintenance costs and a simple (dis)assembly.

The CPC-line  is characterised by its elegant but robust and stable build, which makes the CPC-line extremely suited for all occurring production processes in the pharmaceutical and food processing industry.

Ultra clean

All liquid touching parts of the CPC pumps are compliant with the relevant standards. The open impellers are provided with pressure relief holes, which at the same time ensure an optimal cleaning of the shaft seal and the seal chamber. The impeller is ‘dry’ mounted to the shaft by means of  O-rings. The applied O-ring constructions are designed to minimise the liquid contact and at the same time to provide an optimal cleaning of the contact faces.


The CPC-line is designed with narrow gaps, combined with high quality impellers this ensures very favourable efficiencies.

Depending on the application range, but always compliant with the hygienic standards, the CPC-line can be executed with several options:

  • Mechanical seal types and materials
  • O-ring materials
  • Surface roughness
  • Drain connection
  • Heating jacket
Max. viscosity < 500 cP
Capacity < 500 m³/h
Pressure < 150 mlc
Impeller Open
Materials Wetted parts: 1.4404
Connections 1,5" / DN40 to 6" / DN150

Couplings: DIN11851, DIN11864-1, SMS1145

Flanges: EN1092-1, DIN11864-2, ANSI

Tri-Clamps: ISO2852, DIN32676, DIN11864-3

Shaft sealing Single, double quench/flush, Inner and outer, EHEDG. according to DIN24960
Sealing materials carbon/CrM, carbon/SiC, SiC/SiC, Tc/Tc
Elastomers EPDM, Viton, NBR, Teflon, KALREZ, e.g.
according to FDA
Surface roughness       Standard < 0,8 micron, optional < 0,5 micron
Motor options Standard: IEC, IE3, B3/B5, IP55, isolcl. F, PTC         
Optional: IE4, ATEX, noise reduction


Internal EHEDG single mech. seal External single mech. seal


External double mech. seal
with Quench
External double mech. seal
with Flush
Manual CPC
Brochure CPC-WW
Brochure CPC