Pumps Automation


The Pomac hygienic truck pumps range comprises a series of special versions of CP, CP/ZA and ZA stainless steel hygienic pumps, the IP impeller pump and the PLP lobe pump, all suited for mounting in trucks. They are hydraulically driven, but can also be supplied with an electric drive.

The centrifugal CPZA is characterised by it self priming capacities, which makes this pump type ideally suited for pumping liquids with entrained air/gasses. By utilising the open impeller it is also possible to pump liquids containing solids. Flow rates up to 120 m3/h with manometric heads up to 3 bar.


  • CIP return
  • Truck unloading
  • General self priming applications

Depending on the pumped product the pump can be supplied with:

  • Open impeller
  • Closed impeller
  • Star impeller



Capacity < 120 m³/h
Pressure < 30 mlc
Impeller Open, closed, star
Materials Wetted parts: 1.4404
Connections 1,5" / DN40 to 6" / DN150

Couplings: DIN11851, DIN11864-1, SMS1145

Flanges: EN1092-1, DIN11864-2, ANSI

Tri-Clamps: ISO2852, DIN32676, DIN11864-3

Shaft sealing Single, double quench, Inner and outer, according to DIN24960
Sealing materials carbonl/CrM, carbon/SiC, SiC/SiC, Tc/Tc
Elastomers EPDM, Viton, NBR, Teflon, KALREZ, e.g.
according to FDA
Surface roughness         Standard > 0,8 micron
Motor options Hydraulic or Electric motor




Brochure CP-ZA IGH